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Now including IG II3 (1) Fascs. 2, 4 and 5, IG II3 (4) Fascs. 1 to 3, SEG LXVIII

Athenian Onomasticon

Since the publication of the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names II (Attica) in 1994 and Foreign Residents of Athens in 1996, fresh epigraphic evidence has continued to emerge by the month in the form of newly published inscriptions and re-readings and reinterpretations of old material. This has entailed a steady enhancement in the state of the Attic onomasticon and prosopography, with new names added, evidence for known names and people supplemented, and misread or misinterpreted names abolished.

A gauge of this progress is provided, at least partially, by the Bibliography, from which references are removed when subsumed by Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum items. In addition, there are the extensive updates to bibliographic references provided by the publication the third edition of Inscriptiones Graecae II, as well as other corpora such as Agora XVI and XVIII, IEleusis, IRhamnous and SEMA.

This site makes available the complete up-to-date onomastic data for the population of ancient Athens, through a search facility, and through html files that present the latest version of the Onomasticon.


The search facility allows searches over the latest version of our onomastic data. You may do name searches on full names or parts of names, on demes, tribes or other "places", on dates, on a person's relatives, or a range of combinations of these. You may limit the search to LGPN people, or to FRA people, or search across both combined. You may sort the result by name and place, or chronologically, or by place.

At the start of 2024, permanent IDs were assigned to all entries in the Onomasticon. These IDs are used to give a dependable reference point to each individual entry. They also form the basis for URIs that are available for each entry, and which may be accessed on the search results page. When an entry is deleted, or entries are merged, the IDs will point to an explanatory page.

Usage hints can be found here.

HTML Files

Use the Menu to the left to access the complete current Onomasticon as HTML documents. Presentation follows the idiom of LGPN II; content unites the foreign residents of FRA with the LGPN Athenians. To save a file, use your browser's Print function to capture the page as a pdf.

N.b.: The files are revised regularly, and addition or removal of an entry causes the numbers of all following entries of the same name to change. For this reason, name numbers in the files should not be used for citation (the IDs available via the search results page can serve this purpose).

Onomasticon JSON File

A JSON file of the complete set of Athenian onomastic data available for download.